“Naked house construction”

HOLODOM is a build house construction, which doesn´t have floor finishes (tiles,parquets) claddings, sanitary, lights, interior doors, exterior finishes (hard surfaces, grass, landscape). Otherwise, it is finished including heating system,moreover house is painted on white, plastered and insulated. Basically it doesn´t have elements which are not possible to define in specific price range, as every client requires something different in terms of budget and style.

Holodom  - is finished house construction, excluding : tiles, parquet, cladding, sockets, switches, lights, interior doors, sanitary and furniture. Holodom is comletely finished house, where you can fit 1x lavatory a 1x washbasin, railing and stairs and house is ready to move in.

images (1)"Naked house construction" itself includes:
  • interior:already mentioned installations and boiler, vertical and horizontal loadbearing constructions, partitions, in case of storey-building staircase, in designed fireplace then cimney stack, plasters  and at least one layer of primer paint, windows, entrance doors
  • exterior: already mentioned connection to the engineering networks, insulation, plasters (except last colour layer), roof including roofing , chimney, lightning conductors, garage including garage gate, screed and plaster

"Naked house construction" itself does not include:

  • Interior: interios doors, floors, lights, switches and individual sanitary pieces with connections
  • Exterior: site fencing, terraces, gutter sidewalks, pathways, parking areas including inlets
Dôvodom pre absenciu týchto prvkov je fakt, že ide o prvky, ktorých výber je závislý na konkrétnom klientovi, rovnako ako aj ich estetické a kvalitatívne vlastnosti. Od nich sa následne odvíja cena, ktorá je vždy, pri každom investorovi na základe jeho výberu iná a má vplyv na konečný rozpočet stavby. Reason for absence of this elements is that selection is upon the client. Everybody has own aesthetic and quality requirements. Based on them differs price and it affects final budget.
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