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What changes can we expect in trends of architecture for 2015?

  2015 was a breakthrough year. European union made an effort to stabilize economy in Europe. That evidently affected conditions of acquirement a mortgage, contributed to increased number of construction and lifted a quality of architecture in Slovakia.

Consequences of 2014 reflected in 2015.

Slovakia has a new president, prices of building materials are still, real estate prices drop and family houses designs as well as quality of architecture in Slovakia increased. Slovaks are not looking for projects like business baroque anymore. They keep updated with trends in the modern architecture of the west countries and they hunt for the best family house designs.  

What does it mean for a client to have a house designed by nedatelier in 2015?

NEDATELIER will celebrate 10th anniversary this year. That means we are going to focus on realizations. We will present and compare the quality of architecture itself  to give you a real numbers showing examples of our work so we plan to summarize information of projects we built in 10 years time and we will release information of energetic audits to proof effectivity of our buildings. All  family houses projects were custom-designed with emphasis on energy consumption of a building. This value lately became specified by European Union and will be more and more watched. As well we have prepared discounts for our clients for additional designs of their houses whether study for family house design for better price or positioning of the house included in price of a project.  
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