Architect in NED ATELIÉR, more than an architect

Chemnitz-Stadthalle-cmeinketumblrcomArchitect is a man who creates kind of art and gets in touch with it on a daily basis. . It surrounds us everywhere we move, affect our psyche and perception of the world. Architect of today has to know how to connect history with future via present. This is a reason why architecture becomes one of the most responsible, creative and toughest of non-productive jobs. This is a reason why architecture deserves more of your attention.

Modern times brought us technology which is considered to make our job easier. We are able to produce number of proposals, plans and visualizations of buildings without the need of complex measurements and calculations. But there is always something being hide.

Architecture of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

In late 80s were created prognosis of materials for future. According to them, buildings were supermodern, there existed robots as architects, engineers, geodets, builders, plumbers, electricians and construction machines at the same time. This predictions did not happen and present is completely different. Mankind realized a thread of decline non-renewable sources as well as a lot of renewable sources. If we want to survive on this planet we have to protect it and live ecologically. This is one of the leading  NED ATELIÉRS principle when it comes to design.

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As a modern architects we have to work and think ecologically . Come back to nature basics. Who would ever wonder that one of the presents top materials will be straw, clay, stone, clay brick, etc.? And this is actually what happens. NEDATELIER is not a man sitting behing computer in a closed office. We have to master not only projecting, but also other scientific sectors like mathematics, geometry, physics, meteorology, hydrology, geology, dynamics, thermodynamics, acoustics, statics. This is just a fraction of expertise we have to be experts in. You will not be become an architect  by graduation of architecture school, neither by reading amount of scientific literature. It is necessary to live by architecture for whole your life. Great architect has to deal with a lot of stress situations, study daily news, researches, examine and test. Very important are additional skills as self-education in field of new technologies and managing. Architect is not lonely anymore. We work as a team where we can rely on each other. Architect has to know how to manage, organize and influence. The best way how to learn this is practice and informal study. If you are you asking yourself why is it so complicated answer is simple. Project a modern building,  especially sustainable nowadays is a very complex task and it is almost unreal hard to solve it as individual. Especially whole process is time-consuming. When it comes to sustainable buildings, which is topic of today architects have to consider a lot of natural conditions ( sunmove, orientation, terrain, composition of the ground, weather, etc.) and structure . Physical factors heat losses, thermal bridges can not be neglected either. Preferences of today are modern and clean lines and open plans. Secret of beautiful space is simplicity. Very important is light, which is considered as most important addendum of a space.

Architecture is our passion.

Basically architecture consists of 4 basic components.  Creative work is fundamental. It is necessary as our oxygen, which we need to breathe, otherwise we would die. In addition to is enlightenment and communication with public or potencial investors whether engineers. Third component is work of architect and coordination of all professions, who take part in construction. Last but not least and less perceived in public eye is communication with government bureaus during permission process. We constantly bring technological innovations to the projects and we are open to new challenges, materials and projects in extreme conditions.

So how to become a good architect? Actually easily. You just need to find a work you like. From psychologic point of view it is clear – if you find a job you like you tried to do your best. In NEDATELIER we love what we do. We are full of inspirations and ideas and last but not least full of energy and perseverance to fulfil your dreams. Our direction is sustainability. And shortcut for sustainable architecture is NEDATELIER.

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