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interior of family house RAZ

Minimalistický interiér rodinného domu je riešený ako svetlý a vzdušný priestor. Navrhované materiály sú kameň, biely lak
Minimal interior of famly house is designed as bright and airy space. Materials used are stone and white gloss.

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“Naked house construction”

HOLODOM is a build house construction, which doesn´t have floor finishes (tiles,parquets) claddings, sanitary, lights, interior doors, exterior finishes (hard surfaces, grass, landscape). Otherwise, it is finished including heating system,moreover house is painted on white, plastered and insulated. Basically it doesn´t have elements which are not possible to define in specific price range, as every client requires something different in terms of budget and style.
Holodom  –…

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Price list

Price for family house project

Low-energy family house                      max. size 100m2 

Preliminary plan                                                                   2200 €
Project for a building permit                                              3200 €
Utility conections                                                                    550 €

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Low-energy house

Low-energy house
Everybody, who realizes his housing dreams, needs to think about energy saving.  Good project is build of many factors which achieve low-energy house with low initial costs. Low-energy…

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Brick constructions

I am classic

If you stand for „old good brick building“ this product is here for you. If you grew up in a place with lovely views to the mountain meadows and run between brick houses, it is clear…

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