Family houses projects 2014

What have we prepared for you in 2014?
2014 is a year of big changes. Whether in constructions, politics or constellation of stars. By chinese calendar design a family house in 2014 is ideally planned. Year 2014 is destined to be successful year regarding construction. Likewise politics. Fico will be the president and taxes will not vanish through Kažimírs lottery and the other mysterious ways.
Now seriously.
Buildings are more and more affordable and competition of building materials factories intensifies. That means in 2014 you can get your house designed cheaper than before. Since end of 2013 architects in our studio were designing houses suitable for anyone. That means we offer project of family house having a decent footage  with budget 50 000 eur not only build  on nice site, moreover for a price cheaper than in other developing cities in Slovak Republic.  
Projects of family houses in 2014 
Smaller, efficient, modern and especially affordable. This is the hot topic in 2014. Our catalog of family houses offers you different versions of ideal family house. In case you will not find there one, which suits your ideas of your perfect house, we are ready to design it. In our studio you determine what kind of house you want to build and for how much . Our company has a background as a building company, so we perfectly know whole process of building a house and based on our rich experience in this field, we know what does it mean to have a budget. House is not a garden where kids can run. House should suits your needs, simply because of times when kids will grow up, you will be the one who live in the house. Very often we see cases when clients find us in order to design a house, because previous one has an experience. Smaller family house with minimal footage and energy needs. This is what they ask for. Second floor is not needed anymore, they appreciate small wine cellar rather than a huge cellar below ground floor in price of bungalow. If you like our work and approach please do not hesitate to contact us. We warmly welcome you in our studio and chat over the coffee. We are looking forward to see you in our design studio.  
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