Venetian stucco, elegant surface finish and interior wall finishes

WAVEToday we pay more and more attention on interior and interor wall finishes, as a representation of life style, job representation and last but not least environment where we spend most of our life. These requirements for design, comfort, maintenance, color become more and more demanding and stringent. Criteria for individual materials are strict. Clients expect inspiration and luxury, efectivity and color variability, brightness, modernity and great physical conditions not only in private spaces, but also in work environment. That is why we should pay more attention to the wall finish of Venetian stucco and reccomend it based on our great experience with it.

What is venetian stucco?

Screen shot 2012-07-16 at 6.32Venetian stucco is original painting, or better say stucco technique, which get to central Europe from Italy.If you want to explain it simply, you would say it is couple of plaster layers with special final finish.Venetian stucco is stucco technique, which is perfectly able to imitate marble on the wall. The difference between natural marble and stucco is that you won´t find any gaps. It is possible to apply on any material - plaster, concrete, drywall, wood, metal either PVC.Venetian stucco doesn´t only look nicely, it is even practical. On smooth surface it doesn´t catch the dust, it is easy to clean and its application is possible also in wet spaces as pools, bathrooms, kitchens and saunas. In these rooms it can fully replace ceramic tiles. Under only one condition. It has to be treat by layer of special vax, with waterproof character.

Screen shot 2012-07-16 at 6.23Venetian stucco and its high gloss and mirror reflexivity create a luxury impression and optically extend the space, exactly as a mirror. Use of bright, high gloss venetian stucco can improve light bilancy of dark spaces, illuminate them. It can also be perfectly used on a ceiling. Very often we see combination of other techniques for creating a graphical motive on the wall. It can be done in any shade. Venetian stucco in clean white shade bright up a room. In dark shade it can create a intimate atmosphere. Now exists many types of technology of wall finish, so let´s have a closer look on some of them.


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roxidan-dekorativnaya-shtukaturka---kopSTUCCO VENEZIANO is a glossy decorative plaster for interiors. It allows creating of unique aesthetic effect, which reminds stucco plasters in old venetian palaces. It is possible to apply it on smooth surface, as well as on complicated architectural surfaces as columns and flanges. It can be applied in bathrooms, where it replaces tiles.  GRASSELLO DI CALCE is a historical decoration for  interiors, which allows realisation of gloss surfaces with high decorative effect and scattered notes of colors, which change based on technical application. EASYMETAL is a refined paint which highlight spatial resolution and appear restrained, but elegant. Any kind of surface will get appearance of vivid and material metal. ROXIDIAN creates metalized decorative patina, which reproduce the typical oxidized look for old and used surfaces exposed to atmospheric effect, recalls the patina. Any surface with this kind of treatment will look like  „ Corten steel” with interesting shades and and irregularities in touch. CANALGRANDE is an elegant interior decorative wall finish, which creates glitter contrasts.  MARCOPOLO is a finish decorative plaster for interiors with metallic effect, which afterglow creates glitter contrasts. CADORO is a final decorative layer with rainbow effect for interiors with silk appearance  MARMORINO CLASSICO  is a mineral plaster with decorative drawing for interiors and exteriors. It is based on hydrated lime and recommended as exclusive plaster for building with extraordinary value. MARMO ANTICO is a mineral decorative plaster for internal and externall walls with effect of calc tuff. It is characterised by high breathability and allow to achieve porosity looking very similar to a traditional calc tuff. Decorative effect provides an effect similar to a network with a distinctive chromatic shading. ANTICA CALCE PLUS is a mineral decorative plaster with paint effect for interiors. It is elegant plaster with light relief effect, characterised by contrasts, which stress expert brush strokes, pleasant for touch thanks to polishing process. PERLACEO is a final layer creating pearl effect for interiors, which makes unusual chromatic pearl effects thanks to incidence of light.

Technique of Venetian stucco.

Screen shot 2012-07-16 at 6.28

1) Firstly is applied special sealant on the wall with a spatula in all directions, in order to achieve a relief structure

2) The excess material is removed after drying, possibly by grinding of very fine sandpaper

3) On a base layer after perfect drying is applied one or two extra layers, this time color stucco. Each following layer can be applied in different shade for better effect, but under condition that previous layer is absolutely dry.

4) Last layer is grinded after drying and perfectly polished by steel trowel in circular movements.

5) In wet spaces during last phase on painting is applied vax to reach the maximal water resistancy

To briefly sum up, technique of venetian stucco is not simple, but it is real decoration for your interior  spaces of different characters and will last long years and give interior tinge of elegancy and luxury.

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