Architect is a key for nice dwelling

For sure you have heart it many times. You might think that it is just an effort of architects and projectants to get commision, earn and get you rid of a feeling, that you can do it yourself and save. So let´s have a closer look. But not as an architect, but objective potentional client., who knows reasons to ask architect  for collaboration, especially if you want to reach a nice dwelling. Do you feel that your time to live in your own has come? Do you plan reconstruction of small house? Do you follow cotemporary trends and your home doesn´t fit into it anymore? Did you buy empty flat and you miss inspiration to design disposition and interior itself? Do you expect a baby and you need fast and cheap interior adjustments ? Does your flat have unusual  plan and you need a help to organize and furnish it? Or you just want to get more light into old apartment and create modern open space?
Work in a context


Landscape, city, district, street and house. Position house into context is a core of good dwelling . Architects work sensitively with surrounding not to harm it and to give you the best of what it offers.
Not each house is the same

farnsworth house iihih02

There is not house as a house. Refined detail might be enough and your building suddenly becomes unforgettable. Quality architect knows identify origin of a detail and design it into specific location. Thanks to visualisations  you move step forward in process of design as you have an opportunity to see how it is going to look before it is built. You can avoid mistakes, unclear ideas and answer many questions you have about the design. It moves it. Thanks to visualizations you can change and variate the project until you are satisfied. After realisation these unfilled ideas is hard to change. That is why it worth to collaborate with architect, who will fulfill your design already before realisation. Now visualisations reach such a quality that you will not see the difference comparable to real state.
Your ideas

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If you are not interested in catalogue house, it is important to collaborate with architect, who will design your house according to your ideas. If you describe your ideas and requests, technically and architecturally architect will try to incorporate it in project, which becomes house of your dreams. What is actually important? Mutual cooperation and dialogue you should reach perfect results, which will represent your taste, ideas, traditions and interior will represent you. Together you will create a space which will supplement you. Your house/flat is a place where you spend best moments of your life, where you spend time with your family and what remind you different experiences. That is why you should care where do you live, as environment wholly influence your mood, feelings, overall satisfaction and attitude to the life.
Let someone advice you


Principle of collaboration with architect is advising. You can save money on a project, but it doesn´t worth for a price you will pay. You will live in the house for the rest of your life. Architects in our studio combine functionality with beautiful timeless design.  They create a space for real people and design custom-made furniture. Dwelling, especially nice dwelling we see as a complex unit, while we accept various clients requests – either it is minimalistic, organic or rustique style. Our field of activity includes family house project designed by authorized architect ready for building permission, via complete interior project with emphasis on architectural interpretation of a space, unique furniture, choice of lighting, accessories and materials until last interior realisation. For our clients we want to offer complex package of services till the realisation of whole project with construction supervisor and guidance. As well we would like to advice you on buy of furniture and other pieces and enable you to use various discounts. Architect will  advice you what you should be aware of when you reconstruct an object, how to divide spaces and built disposition and what changes you can actually make. Based on your budget we will show you possibilities, introduce contractors, material options and advice you on what worth to invest and what do not. We can discuss each design and create a space, which will respond your ideas, will be functional and stylish.
Pay for you got


Most of us reconstruct/extend/rebuilt/built interior/architecture once or twice in life. During collaboration with architect you can avoid mistakes of beginners, which can cost you more than you expect and it will guarantee you not only nice dwelling, but also quality for reasonable price. As well you won´t overpay labourers, what is common when you work different agencies. Especially the one who do not use contracts and bills. For our clients we offer interior furnishing by our partners as a transparent approach to the work. And what is even more important, when you collaborate with architect you will pay for his service, but surely you will not extend the budget, as you save on labourers and you get discount when furnishing with our partners. Our experience and contacts can save your time and money.
Supervisor and well done job
NED ATELIER can provide supervision over any realisation project. Supervision includes seeing over individual works, take over finished Works, solving the details with labourers. Very important is overall supervision of realisation and time schedule. You can avoid misunderstandings and hassle with labourers and save your time.


To sum up, we would like to quote wikipedia, which says: “ Architect is a great job, which offer all architectural  activities as design and building reconstruction. Work of architect usually join possibilities of use and building price for investor, as well as functionality and aesthetic values for user. Architect is university educated person with license.”
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