Wood constructions

Protect family health

Drevostavby - Chránim zdravie celej rodiny

Thanks to diffuse open wall of wood construction moisture in the house is optimal and beneficial to the respiratory system. This is the reason why this type of construction is called envirohouse. It provides comfort and healthy outgrow for your kids. Internal comfort depends primarily on temperature and humidity. Usual internal humidity in winter time is lower than Sahara humidity. Reasonable humidity will prevent from drying of the mucous membrane and thus respiratory diseases and contribute to satisfied and healthier living.

Move a house in 90 days

Drevostavby - Bývam za 90 dní. Štvrtok: Sťahujeme sa domov =D

We actually think that these three months are the right choice, kind of „in between“. You can furnish your house after 90 days since foundation deck is done. Foundation deck itself is important element and has to mature. It has to settle on the soil, in order to avoid cracking and leaking. It is not possible to speed-up this phase, that is why we do not count that time into construction time. In case you would like to reduce this time, we can make geological analysis  on your request, which will say how soil is going to react.

Save money and energy

Drevostavby - Šetrím energiu a peniaze

Wood construction is ecologically and economically beneficial way of building low-energy houses. On one hand thanks to use of wood as a construction material, on the other signicant save of energy expences spend on heating. In the right combination of materials and building elements you can even reach character of passive house.

Wooden house is nothing less than classic brick house. A lot of  inexperienced builders would say that wood house is bad. Why? Answer is simple: „Brick is brick.“ This is the mistake of slovak construction. Wood constructions, especially family houses, represent around 60% of houses build on this planet. Why choose wood constructions? Because it have most advantages of all construction types. Turn-key wood house project is built in 2 weeks, then you can move in. When we talk about brick house you have to way for a month to wait while concrete ceiling „matures“ anyway you have to pay a loan, so why you should wait? Another big advantage is variability. Wood construction can be adjusted easily. Don´t you like your living room ? In wood house you can change it without interference to the load-bearing wall, which are not typical in this kind of house. You can easily adjust partitions, window and wall openings or move Windows without „wet“ process.

The biggest advantage of external envelope is that wall „breaths“. Wood house has a specific outer wall composition, which leaks interior humidity, but not the other way around. It works as a vapor barier in the ceiling of every house. Wood house breaths and doesn´t keep humidity in constuction. It is  precise construction, where divergence doesn´t exist as they are manufactured in specialized factories. Building parts are brought to the site and folded into whole in few hours.

Thick of external wall in case of low-energy wood construction starts in 250mm, what means that walls takes only around half comparable to brick house.  In practice it means that with 100m2 family house you get 10 m2 extra room. Internal partitions are made out of drywall 100mm to 200mm thick, depends on required noise resistance. Noise doesn´t spread through wall but attachments of wall to the other walls, ceiling, floor.  For more informations read blog.

Passive wood house is possible to afford in modular system way cheaper than other modular systems e.g.  brick house, or half-prefabricated house. Even effusive thick insulated brick wall 600mm is not necessary, 300mm is enough. You can get passive house only in sequence of several factors, not only material is important. Read more about it in our  blog plus factors of passive family house.

Last but not least is the fact that in case of unpredictable events is demolition and building site cleaning quite cheap.  E.g. fire. If brick house would burn you have bad luck twice. First of all, because you lost roof overhead and second because of unexpected expenses due to cleaning the site of burnt bricks, ceilings and other leftovers, which is necessary to get rid of and you have to pay professionals to do so. In case of wood construction you don´t have a problem, as wood will burn comletely and eve if you lost your home, you save 5000 Eur thanks to no demolition works. We truly hope none of these is going to happen, we just want to make sure you are informed about all possitives and negatives.