Brick constructions

I am classic

Som prosto klasik. Virtuóz hrá na husle.

If you stand for „old good brick building“ this product is here for you. If you grew up in a place with lovely views to the mountain meadows and run between brick houses, it is clear you want the same for your children. Reason is simple, this environment gives you feeling of safety. Brick houses in Slovakia have long tradition which we want to trade. With new technologies we can build modern houses with the same tradition as our dads did. Think about future, but stay proud on history.

It is not brick like a brick

Murované domy - Nie je tehla ako tehla. Človek prilepený na tehlovú stenu.

Brick is traditional building material, which is here since ever. Our ancestors use it as the cheapest available material and it is still the same today. The only difference is technology of processing and production. Full burnt brick is today little bit different as in a history. It is bigger and lighter with pores and we can build a brick house by ourselves, with no extra knowledge. Each builder (investor) knows that build a brick house is cheapest. Brick is necessary to insulate minimally with 8cm thick insulation to reach energy valuation of C category, according to the European technical norm for final building inspection. If you think about low-energy house made out of brick you are on a good track for future energy savings and you can even get a plus house, which will bring you extra money.

While designing low-energy  family houses it is for sure possible to build it out of bricks. It is recent trends especially in west countries, which this material appeals thanks to the acoustic, accumulation and especially weather conditions.

Great details and thermal bridges elimination is a core of good family house project. These are „details“ which mass  catalogue houses doesn´t keep in mind. 90% catalogue houses were drawn decades ago. Details and dispositions progress and unfortunately they don´t have a chance to reflect as they were projected 50 years ago with current materials, which are not in use anymore and do not meet today requirements.

Advantage of brick family house is a many variation of competing materials and price affordability. Moreover, its unification of used components of building. E.g. today is usual to build brick wall with prefabricated ceiling of the same brand as partitions. Sometimes it means only one truck of building material, which is enough for whole house.

Think about future. Today, when we talk about brick building we don´t need to look for compromise between strenght and wall thickness, nor insulation properties. Technological progress allow us to choose brick with sufficient strength and thickness to reach thermal criteria of the highest category. To compare with standard processes to reach characteristics of low-energy house needs less additional modifications, which degrease complexity of construction and therefore final price.

Price is priority

Murované domy - cena je prioritou

We know it doesn´t finish with building itself.  A lot of us would say it just starts. I guess you already think where your resources are going to go – you just want to reach a dream about ideal dwelling. Brick house provides the same comfort as other houses build in different technology and it is even 30–40% cheaper. It balances smaller useable area, progress of the work which depends on weather and time required for removal of residual water, which is today reduced during the actual construction of thin-film bonding. There is no longer reason to doubt.