Brick houses – Characteristics

Modern brick

murované stavby

Burnt brick is one of the oldest construction materials and during its existence it went through large development. Todays brick offer system solutions to significantly speed up construction time. Brick is ideal construction material to create ideal dwelling environment. Modern bricks have such a thermal insulation properties, there is not anymore necessary to insulate the building. And the main asset of the material is that it is natural material.

Wall parameters

murované stavby

As we mentioned before brick is natural material, so it demonstrates very favorable ecological balance during the entire life cycle. In terms of fire resistance it proves great strength properties. Brick is characterised by dimensional stability ( stable size and shape).  Other features include: good thermal insulation and soundproofing properties and heat accumulation.

  • natural construction material
  • ecological construction material
  • great static properties
  • great fire resistance
  • great thermal insulation and soundproofing properties
  • heat accumulation
  • shape stability
  • ensuring optimal moisture regime
  • thermal resistance R= untill 3,14 (m2×K/W)

Energy intensity

Ilustrácia potreby vykurovať drevostavby, nízkoenergetické domy.

Good thermal insulation and soundproofing properties leads to the total saving required to the necessary building operation. It is also recalled that using appropriate system (and sufficient external wall thickness) it is not necessary to insulate the building. Brick, thanks to its composition can accumulate the heat, which is later emited. This ability of brickwork affects characters as thermal attenuation, thermal and eventually thermal comfort in living area. Massive brick walls are not sensitive on weather changes of external environment.

Energy consumption of house big 160 m2 makes 45 kWh / m3.