Prefabricated constructions

Great energy exchange mechanism

Dokonalý mechanizmus výmeny energie

Thanks to the high thermal resistance of external wall and thermal accumulation of concrete core rooms building keeps cool in the hot summer and warm in the winter. Internal walls temperature have temperature 20°C till 21°C (it depends on size of the windows). To arrange thermal comfort of the building it requires keep temperature between 18°C to 24°C. Moreover, this environment is beneficial to health.

Original as I am

Je originálny ako ja

House built in this way can stand out thanks to its originality, because construction system based on half prefabricated buildings can realise your ideas without any boundaries. Architect and construction engineer can fully apply their imagination while designing unusual building. Finally you can reach your ideas about own dwelling and please be courageous. Be yourself. Now you can.

My house, my castle

Môj dom môj hrad

We can say that half-prefabricated buildings are kind of fallout shelters. Concrete and steel covered by insulation sheeting are a good team. Concrete core is base of great insulation and acoustic. Steel provides support to the whole construction, moreover, it enforce a degree of fire safety. Capacity to absorb external noise and high fire safety plus other characters mentioned above provide comfort dwelling, which will be appreciated even future generations.