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Recently market noticed increasing interest for  family houses projects built in unusual sites. It is well known that family house construction starts with choose of site, orientation, size and shape. To decide where to put which kind of house should be part of the process. Basically for  family houses projects should mean that choice of shape and size should react to the chosen project resp. project should respond to bought site. Positioning of the house plays an important role as new site and designed family house becomes a whole life decision and your house stays for the rest of your life. Absence of dozen factors, either wrong parameters users start to realise after moving a house. To start with unusual conclusion, we can state that building site with all characters, significantly influences final architectural form. Not each site has ideal size orientation in ratio 2:3 situated on a south-east slope surrounded by nature. A lot of them are small and narrow with north orientation on a slope or row of houses in the environment with high underground water level or intensively dense. So what are the solutions to reach the best effect in this kind of sites?


Small site is a common type. It represents effective solution, which in any case doesn´t need to be limited in matter of house size. Actually this type of  architecture is more and more popular, first of all thanks to affordability, as site prices constantly increase and second for reducing amount of vacant land not only in Slovakia. We can see higher desirability of energetically effective and passive houses. Well designed small house can offer everything what its resident needs for satisfied dwelling. So how it should actually look like? There is a reason behind saying that size matters. It is great to make up your mind in advance. For extra improvise there won´t be much opportunity when designing a small house. Design of the size or positioning of the house should go hand in hand with furnishing. How big each piece is going to be and how much space does it require. How much storage do we need in the winter and in the summer. Small house interior has to thought out to the smallest detail. As small house is small inside, it is necessary to count with exterior as a part of the house. In the summer resp. in the warm months it is possible to eat outside, relax, playroom or workroom are moving to the exterior. This relations are going to work best only if connection between interior and exterior will be comfortable, logically positioned and various. Around the small house is possible to design different roofed spaces, closed or opened, which will increase the quality and will extend interior useable area. If you can get different kind of spaces into small house, it will suddenly become way more interesting place full of surprises. It is great to have more intensive light in the small spaces, that means bigger windows or artificial light. Brighter interiors act spacious than small rooms without sufficient light.

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Another common type of site is narrow site up to 10 meters. According to the rules, it is necessary to stay within site boundaries from each site minimum 2 metres.  After simple calculation we understand that to position our house we have 6 metre left. It is not bad, as the house can be organized lenghtwise. In case of one storey house and long site, disposition of the house can be organized in a way that day zone with living room is on one end of the house and night zone with bedrooms and bathroom on the other end. Entrance to the object is in the middle, where arise possibility to create a central common terrace for both, day and night zone. This solution is a type of modern bungalow, which can be attractive,eye-catching  and well organizated design . Mass has dynamic and elegance, sizeable windows orientated to the terrace  spaces opens and optically extend space, while building service is logical.

podorysy CHO4o

If your site is  narrow and short at the same time, service of the house is divided in 2 storeys -  day zone on a first floor and night zone on a second floor. Entrance is generally in north as well as kitchen, which does not require a lot of light. Living room is south orientated with terrace. This type of architecture is vertically dynamic supported by slender  lines of  glass. Communication is designed in the middle of the house. This division of services is has higher level of intimity, which is required if family has outgrow kids and each family member needs a privacy.  




Today north orientated site is not outstanding anymore. We have a lot of variations of houses with this kind of orientation perfectly working. Success is good division of spaces, which will take advantage of orientation. Kitchen, storages and corridors should be orientated to the north. Groceries in the kitchen does not go off so quick as room is not overheated. Thanks to this rooms we build a barrier against the north, in case of ground floor house day zone gets into 1 wing, in case of two storeys into two, which are better orientated. Terrace arises as a join of these wings with nice intimate character. Whole object is moved into back north boundary, in order to get a spacious south orientated garden. In this type of house communication leading t the house is a bit longer. If we would try to sum it up, we would just repeat that shape of the site significantly affects  final architectural design. Even though we can add that after having a look in our portfolio you can assume that if you don´t have an ideal site, our architectural studio doesn´t have a problem to manage any kind of site. We take it as a challenge to look for new inventive solutions. That says how NEDATELIER is. Thanks to our projects we make your sites perfect.
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