Wood constructions – Characteristics

Prefabricated panels

Ilustrácia spôsobu montovanej drevostavby, nízkoenergetické domy.

Our wood constructions are modern low-energy buildings, as well called envirohouses. They belong to the category of buildings using prefabricated sandwich panel systems with positive ecological characters. As panels are folded in manufacture halls, weather doesn´t affect continuity and construction time. Therefore price is not affected by changes in price of material and we can guarantee  planned construction time.

Wall parameters

Ilustrácia sendvičového panelu montovanej drevostavby, nízkoenergetické domy.

Even with relatively small wall thickness it is possible to reach great thermo insulating characters. That means that ratio of build area is comparatively smaller than ratio in classic brick system. E.g. in case of wood construction big 10x10m2 is possible to get extra 10m2 of useable area.

  • 2× drywall 12,5 mm (fire resistancefar exceeds required standard)
  • non-ventilated installation slot – space for management and distribution of sanitary installations
  • OSB deck EKO3
  • cellulose based blown insulation – 140 mm
  • wood construction and static skeleton EnViroDomu
  • open and diffused fireboard, insulation deck – 60 mm
  • silicate plaster
  • excelent soundproofing
  • heat transfer coefficient: U = 0,23 W / (m2×K )
  • thermal resistance: R = 4,51 (m2×K/W)

Energy intensity

Ilustrácia potreby vykurovať drevostavby, nízkoenergetické domy.

Energy savings in case of envirohouse big 160 m2 with initial investment 10 000 EUR into NED system in 15 years makes at least 19 119,7 EUR. Energy savings in case of envirohouse big 240 m2 with initial investment 13 333 EUR into NED system in 15 years makes approximately 37 841,07 EUR.

  • low energy intensity for construction, transfer. Energy and materialy easy during use and less enviromentally harmfull
  • energy use: 15 – 50 kWh / m2 per year, in case of passive house 5 – 15 kWh / m2 per year