Prefabricated construction – characteristics

The modular principle

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Construction of modular system (e.g. system VELOX) is simple and precise, manipulation is easy (only 20% is requires handmade work), use of mechanism is minimal, what affects speed of building. System allows to construct even in cold weather. Speed of building is one of the most important factors when assessing effectivity of this system, which really worth. This system offers complex solutions for whole building ( means foundations, walls, ceilings).

Properties of the wall

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Wall has sandwich character. Consist of inner deck ( wood basis), concrete deck and external insulated deck. It is permanently fixed sheeting supplement by insulation, which is filled in by concrete. Massive and stable construction build in this system brings perfect combination of thermal properties and thermal-accumulation parameters. Another advantages is precise and simple construction of half-prefabricated systems. Manipulation is easy and fast, what speed up whole construction process.

  • sandwich construction
  • great  thermal and accumulation properties
  • easy and precise construction, fast and easy manipulation
  • minimal use of mechanisms, short period of construction
  • variability of use and function
  • favorable price
  • great static parameters, thermal resistance R= až 6,02 (m^2×K/W)

Energy intensity

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These systems have great thermal insulation characters (thermal resistance R=2,8 to 6.02 m^2KW-1 depends on required width of the insulation – polystyrene), which classic materials (bricks, gassilicate) can not reach without additional insulation. As well thermal bridges are minimized. For these systems is characteristic ecological production without high requirements on thermal energy. Thanks to its thermal insulation house owner save up to 40% of heating expences. External wall thick 32cm has the same thermal resistance as 245 cm wall made out of burnt bricks. Half-prefabricated house big 160 m^2 use  25 kWh / m^3 of energy.