Prefabricated, brick or wooden house construction?

House is a place where we spend most of the time with our family. It is clear that everyone wants to have a good quality house. Brick house is a classic, but more often we see examples of  prefabricated or wood house. Both alternatives are not new anymore, even thought we are not used to them so much and not everyone knows their pros and cons. So let´s have a closer look what they are and what´s the difference to classic brick house.

Prefabricated house

All components…

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Low-energy or passive house

More and more people deciding about construction of family house consider energy saving house, understand buildings, which use way less energy for heating than classic houses. Let´s be honest here,…

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House energy efficiency

Energy efficiency of the house and reduction of energy consumption influence all requirements related to health and the safe use of the building, means that the same quality or even better quality in…

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Low-energy family house BOU

Despite size of 125 m2 in 5 rooms, BOU belongs between our smaller projects. It proves how to effectively manage space and offer every client what is necessary to satisfy.

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