How a project in NED ATELIER is born

From the very beginning of the project the most important for us is individual approach to each client. Everyone has own ideas and requirements. So let´s illustrate you how project of house  in NEDATELIER is born and what is the process from scratch to realization.
  1. First meeting- essential informations about project followed by initiated cooperation

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First meeting is one of the most important moments. We specify what kind of architecture you look for, what your budget is, schedule of work and principal requirements. Based on this and couple of next meetings / if necessary/ it usually leads to agreement of both parts. If you did not choose site for your house yet, we are happy to assist you with looking for a suitable land. Which land  is the right one depend on several factors.

The most important factors are site orientation, which affects position of the house and organization of whole space in regard to the sun. Connection to the traffic roads, existing distribution networks, land sloping as well as construction of planned rooms construction of planned rooms, protection and climate zones restrictions of chosen area, the level of groundwater, groundrock geology affecting for instance the setting up of structures in surrounding landscape, views, the settlement of the ownership structure and the compliance plan with the master plan. Output if this opening phase but sometimes the most important of the whole project are basic information for start of the process to mention altimetry, topography, hydrogeological report, draw to the cadastral map, sample of property list and first basic ideas and possibilities in chosen area.

When the site is ready we propose several variations and forms of object from which we choose the best and most effective one.
2. The second to xth meeting- gradual forming of ideas and looking for the right architectural interpretation


Followed by a series of meeting between a client and the architect depending on type of a project, clients needs, definiteness of ideas and restrictions whether natural conditions or defined by Building Authority office. Throught sketches, visualisations or disposition alternatives we will find a solution which will lead to the maximal satisfaction.

Our personal, individual and precise approach begins with preliminary sketch thinks of technical detail in order to avoid complications and unpleasant surprise. We want to save you from additional payments and stress, that is why is essential for us to think few steps forward.

The result of the process is architectural study followed by project for building persmission which tries near the final form of the project as much as possible .

  1. Project delivery and coordination in dealing with planning permission.


One of the most important for us, but for many studios neglected services belongs delivering of the project and coordination in process of building permission.

Our long years experience allows us significantly speed up building permission process, as we know what to expect from Building Authority Office and how to predict their comments possibly to solve it fast and effectively if they occurs. In that point we recommend to invite architect for a help, because many times client does not know how to communicate with Offices and how to get permission easiest and fastest. The time you save will positively reflect the budget.

  1. Realization of the project, coordination of all professions and author´s supervising during the construction


On project we collaborate with experts in a field. Our long year experience created fast and effective work in a team without undesirable complications untill the realization of the project.

Based on that we learned that good project does not finish on a paper that is why we offer you a supervising during the construction to make sure every detail is brought to the perfection.


NEDATELIER offers you complex services, individual approach and inventive solutions. Your project does not finish as a stack of papers on your table but  terminates in construction . Once you decide to contact our studio all the worries you can leave on us. So the only thing you will be left alone is to live in your new house.

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