Catalogue or custom-designed house?

Cataloque  or custom-designed house ? Which investment worth? Especially if custom-made is double price comparable to catalogue? Let´s compare what is the difference and what both types include. Catalogue projects are more or less last century thing. In most of the cases they are designed to be build as fast as possible and cheapest as possible. Catalogue project is limited in terms of variability and changes. You can do so only in construction site, which very often spoilt the result. Architects and projectants designed them to be as small as possible, what lead to low price. That is reason why if once change is done, hierarchy of the house changed and very often effect is negative. Custom-made house is exactly the opposite. Architect is designing based on your ideas, needs, even the one you don´t realize yet, but once they will come. Clients appreciate the custom-made house when he move in and understand what he invested into. Most of the time it starts in the moment when you see preliminary plan. When house is designed according to your ideals for a specific site, it is ideal house, take an advantage of terrain characters, orientation, position within surrounding. Rarely you will see a cataloque project , which will perfectly fit into your site. It is almost impossible. To sum up, if you are going to build a house for you and your family it is the best to avoid mistakes from the first moment and choose the right project. Eventually you pay extra money for additive shelter, garage, storage and other problems with building Office for registration into Land Register. We don´t say it is impossible to find a catalogue house meeting your criteria. Our portoflio consist of more than 100 projects and in every case we talk about good projects with universal and practical plan. Lets close our eyes and imagine place, where you spend rest of your life if not whole and it is place for your fantasy. Be honest, don´t you have a smile upon your face?
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