Modern family house projects

Modern projects of family houses

Do you worry about the question what is a right choice? Modern family house project or cataloque project? What actually is the difference between custom-designed house and catalogue house?Most of us would answer the price. But if you think further, you will find out that it is not entire true. If it would be only price, we all would go for a catalogue house. So let´s have a closer look into differences, not only in terms of architecture, but also construction, energy efficiency , house positioning and last but not least disposition.

Catalogue house architecture

house_bwMost of the people have distorted idea about traditional catalogue house and its character. Their idea is cheaply, fast build house, where only think necessary is to turn a key in a door. That is why these houses are also called "turn-key" projects. If you add appearance of traditional architecture situated in nature environment, vast flowery garden with dog, happy kids running around the house and fresh new painted fence, idealy with balustrade. If we will go deep, we would mention gable roof, most likely with red roof  tiles overhanging around the mass, "elegant" stainless rain pipes in each corner, illogical borders of all shapes, varied with arkiers and dormers of fantastic shapes till complicated joined forms.Very popular is a series of steps leading to the entrance, of course, without connection to any of the surrounding terrain, whether flat or sloping.

2oHouse designed by NED studio is house which respects surroundings, landscape, your budget and opinions. House reacts on a terrain, is simple with detail, practical and expressing itself.We use modern, natural materials matching harmonical compositions, feeling textonics and form which is fun. Family house project  for you, about you, from us.

Positioning on a site

uzky domSaying that  traditional catalogue houses are "universal " building, suitable for any type of site is wrong. Each plot is different, thanks to orientation, climate, surrounding relations, views, ground, groundwater level, buffer zones, building office requirements and last but not least neighbouring relationships. After sum up of all these factors, it just confirmed that it is not real that the same house will "behave" same in the south flat plot in Bratislave and north slope plot under the High Tatras. And we didn´t mention dimensions and site ratios yet. They play important role in selection of right site for your house. Catalogue project designed for site of 15x15 metres can look great on a picture, even if it positioned  on site of 22x30 metres. Ideal distance should be kept from neighbouring sites. So what if your site have 22x22 metres? From garden will stay green narrow stripe... That´s why you should be careful in selection of project, because you can quickly succumb vision of cheap and wuickly build house from the picture. After realisation everything can change.

Catalogue house diposition

stiahnuťDisposition solution of traditional catalogue houses are well known. Entrance into narrow hall, followed by corridor network leading into hopefully divided day and night zone. In most of the cases divided kitchen and modest living room with  sofas of the smallest sizes. Separate rooms on a plan filled by many different types of furniture. Yes, each potentional client would be keen on a "spacious and big" flat. And fact that you can hardly move around is moved into another track, because the most important is save of money. Dispositions in this kind of houses are closed and strictly divided into separate spaces,while airiness vanish together with comfortability. Corridors are changing width, arise uselles  subterfudges, where designer on last minute draw wardrobe, to create idea that it was planned. No it wasn´t. Wardrobes belong to certain spaces, corridors should be straight and as short as possible. You shouldn´t pay for corridors, but for living rooms.

Custom-made disposition by NED studio

Disposition solution of our family house project not always take advantage of orientation and position with the site, like sun and views.Plan solution is simple, but at the same time  inventive and apapted to each client, what makes it unique. Service divided into day and night zone, straight communications, minimal and functional. Storage spaces exactly defined, idealy in closets. Ventilated hygiene, if it solution  allows. Night zone guarantes privacy and peace, day zone open and full of flowing energy. Contacts with exterior, accessibility, efectivity, logical  continuity of functional areas.

Catalogue house construction

Catalogue houses should be while designing and realisation, financially more acceptable buildings. That means, that generally is saved anywhere it allows. Gable roof and living space underneath are something, that many slovaks dream of. Not many of them realise, that quality of well done roofspace is higher than flat roof and it also can be used in form of terrace. Visible rafters in the interior, are very inspirative and  delighting, but for sure won´t save your money. Use of space under the roof might be difficult on effective use, as head clearance is not keep on whole size of useable area. Most of construction elemets in catalogue projects are standardised. Glazing of traditional catalogue houses doesn´t come to vast sizes, so connection of interior and exterior is limited. Interior and exterior doors have bigger widths regardless user needs, even dissabled people. For sure none of catalogue houses is solved without any barriers, as it is project made for "typical user". Maximum span of load-bearing construction is today well advanced. Even though in many catalogue houses are spans smaller, than construction allows, what limit the use of space.

Custom-made house construction by NED studio

Construction solution always respect disposition and architectural appearance in maximal possible way. It is effective, inventive, opening spaces, using new technologies and becoming a natural part of the project, as a skeleton which carries human body.

Catalogue house price

moneyAs we already mentioned, catalogue houses are very popular in Slovakia, because their price seems cheap. We would to stress "seems". Please think about it, catalogue house shouldn´t save only your money, but also money of projecting and building company, for work they provide, they gonna be paid. So it is not a financial miracle, when sometimes is something cheaper, but classic deal, when people pay for one done thing again and again and again....

Price of catalogue house by NED studio

Our prices might be bit higher comparable to other price list for catalogue housing. If you red this article, apparently it is not necessary to explain why. It is just a confirmation that  prices of our projects are specific, clear and eah euro is reasonable. You don´t need to read between the lines, to find out the real price and look for unexpected expenses. With you know what you get and for how much.  Without notes, and small letters.


Stand out from the crowdWe strongly believe that  after reading this article you created your own opinion. You should always keep in mind, that bussiness of designing family houses is especially about money. That is why you should be careful about choice of architectural and design studio, which will design your house. Please be also careful about what is written by think and thick, small and big letters and numbers. Be honest, for us is design of houses also about money. But as well mainly about passion,  love towards architecture and last but not least about your satisfaction. We guarantee, that if you will choose  project custom-designed by our studio, you will not need to think about the external facade by crazy vivid colour. Even thought you will find your house in the middle of the night, because house designed by our studio will not get lost in between spate of catalogue houses on street. For sure.

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