Bungalow of storey house ?

Bungalow or storey family house?

What is better?

If you plan to build a house,  you can choose out of two options– bungalow or storey family house. We will introduce you both options and the main difference between them, their advantages and disadvantages.

Bungalow and its advantages and disadvatages

bungalov 01Ground floor houses known as bungalows are nowadays very popular type of family house. One of the biggest advantage is wheelchair accessibility, which is appreciated especially by disabled, older people and people with walking difficulties. Life without stairs is simple and nifty plan for future. As life goes, human is getting older and it becomes harder to climb up and down the stairs.

Bungalow comparable to storey house requires more space, in the meaning is useable area. That means if your site is not big enough, then bungalow is not the best idea. Even though you would fit in it, there will not be space for lawn, garden or garage.

bungalov 02Many families living in storey houses know, how often happens that kids spend time in their rooms and family meets occassionally, saying hi and bye on the door. Very often we see case, when stairs are boundary between kids and adults. This is important in case of families with outgrown kids. In case of young family with small kids it might be negative as they spend a lot of time together. Handy solution is  bungalow. On the other hand, for someone might be unsatisfactory division of private zone and rest of the house.  Everything is situated on one floor.

If you build a bungalow you can´t have a balcony with view on the surrounding. If you dream about morning coffee drunk in the terrace bungalow is unfortunately not your solution.

Another important aspect when deciding is garden, which near bungalow requires more care, because it is perceived from everywhere. Aesthetic of garden should be preserved, to create a privacy, but on the other hand building shouldn´t be hidden, actually it should be dominant.

Bungalows simply belongs to the surroundings without invading the space and shading objects around. Comparable to modern typical houses bungalows are architecturally acceptable option.

bungalov 03By technical side building a bungalow  compared to storey house is more easily, what on the other  hand not neccessarily means cheaper. It depends on quality of materials and clients requests. The biggest difference is in the range of foundations and roof, which if they are bigger, cost more. However, you save on the staircase construction and light brickwork on the external walls and ceiling.

Answer on question if heating of ground floor house with the same size as storey house is cheaper, is no. It isn´t. Due to the fact that bungalow, has sizeable cover, means that it is more difficult for heating and heating looses are higher. To minimalize it we reccomend house in compact shape of brick.

Storey family house and its advantages and disadvantages

1450789_670048433029060_2076315757_nFor masses is still better alternative storey house. From a certain point of view we can say that this kind of house provide more privacy, more space to hide yourself, which is not easy in bungalow.

Storey house takes less space on a site, which is considerable advantage. Especially if your site is not so spacious. Moreover it offers stunning view to the surrounding landscape, from balcony or terrace situated on a first floor.

Great advantage is also less thermal looses. They are caused thanks to compact and simple shape of the house.  In some cases that can mean that floor above does not require heating.

Storey house is better alternative as a house for 2 or three generations. Each part can be simply divided, it can even work separately. This option is not easy to reach if you have bungalow.

If you build a storey house you have to think about  an extra space comparably to bungalow, which doesn´t require a staircase.


Bungalow is ideal for childless couples or couples with one kid. Bungalow can be ideal for families which are used to live together and do not insist on so much privacy. Moreover absency of staircase is appreciated by seniors and disabled people as well as small kids where risk of injury is lower.

If family has more members, it is most likely to live in storey house. Organisation is simplier in a way, that each member has a privacy. In case of bungalow division into day and night zone is more difficult, but based on our portfolio, you can confirm that it is possible. Solution might be position night zone into one end of the house and day into another.

Happy-peopleEach member likes something different and has different ideas about dwelling. Bungalow as well as storey house have pros and cons.  If you find it difficult to choose, try to think about your lifestyle, age, health, family and last but not least size, ratios and orientation of your land. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact, we are more than happy to advice you as well design your ideal bungalow, or  storey house.

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