Nízkoenergetická priemyselná hala Agrall

Low-energy factory hall Agrall

Low-energy factory hall for AGRALL company is now finished. It serve for sale and service of  agricultural technology. Part of the object is also showroom and double storey office. AGRALL company came to Slovak market in 2009 with clear intension,  build a successful and professionaly functioning sales and service network of brands CLASS and Väderstad. Necessary precondition for achieving this goal was to provide a suitable service, warehouse and office space. That is why they decide to build a new center from very beggining. That was a right task for  NED studio. Locality was choosed in township Bajč, district Nové Zámky. This low-energy factory complex  cover all functions and spaces neccessary for functioning of this kind of service, which are warehouse management, sales and service facilities as well as facilities for administration. This is a part-storey building, constructed out of steel skeleton. Under steel skeleton are designed re-inforced concrete bases.  As place used to be former swamp area with high groundwater level, during the construction was necessary to  drain water and throughout the area, via network of drainage catchment trays. For external cover  were used PUR panels in combination with mineral wool because of fire safety. Object was designed as low-energy factory hall, what decrease service expenses and building becomes a member of low-energy factory buildings, what is kind of privilage in Slovakia.
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