Architect and city of Bratislava


Bratislava as a capital of Slovakia is a leading city in the number of inhabitants, rents, concentration of services and their complexity as well as issues related to them as building density, fast growing constructions, seeking to cover increasing needs of its inhabitants. It happens not only in the industry sector, dwelling, services and last but not least in number of projects of architecture and interior. Architecture studios, offices, associations of architects  and  freelance architects in Bratislava seeking to meet strict criteria. The number of  investors is growing and competition intenses. In the leading position appears executive design studios recommended by their satisfied clients.

Job of architect


Architect is the one who has a power to decide how efficient construction will be. The amount of material, construction and their combination play an important role. Choice of a good architect is a key to success of  investment plan. Construction costs depend primarily on the size of the building, the choice of site and the materials used. The same amount of the material can be used to build different constructions on a same site. Even a price can be the same, but the result will be different. And so satisfactory, insufficient in the worst case bad. Already when project is designed on a paper we can say if investment will be successful or not. Crucial is a phase of the project. The quality of project strongly depends on collaborations of involved parties working on design and construction itself. Leading roles play investor- planner- constructor.  Job of architect is to protect investor and work.

Collaboration between  architect and engineer can be divided into 3 categories. First consist of developers a investors who have clear ideas. They can precisely define what they want to build, where and how much they want to spend. Then it is all on the architect, to transform their ideas into reality and design functional and modern architecture. Secondly, it is a client. Most of the time client want to build, but his ideas are very unclear. This task is very challenging for architect. He obtains all information leading to the final design. He becomes a guide of the dreams, visions and aspirations. Last category comprise case when architect creates a design without  specific vision and seeks for a client.

Choise of architecture studio

Job of architect required a qualification. In most of the europian countries, as well in Slovakia studies take 6 years. After that graduate has to work in the field for 3 years and take authorization exam. When he pass he become authorised architect. In Slovakia authorisation is granted by Slovak  Association of Architects.

Architecture studios differ in many aspects, which are:

In overal we have 3 categories of architecture design studios:
  • Biggest and the most powerful architecture  studios. The number of employees is usually over 15. Generally they consist of creative department, engineering department, economical and legal department. They work on large projects, which would be difficult to manage in a small group. Years of experience and cooperation between departments are conditional. This results in high prices for projects and investors are usually big companies.
  • Medium sized architecture studios focused on projects of family houses and interiors. Number of employees differs from company to company. Coordination is easy, fast and effective. Investors are companies as well as individual clients and prices are affordable. Thanks to these factors contact wih investors is more personal and intense. That group is to most desirable and popular, thanks to the balance between price, experience and personal approach. This is category where NED ATELIÉR belongs to.
  • Smallest group consist of young freelance architect . They work on a small projects because their capacities are limited. In some cases there are not part of Architectural Association yet and they are restricted. Approach is personal, efficiency and experience is small, that is why price of their work is lower. It leads them to work for big architecture studios and become a part of a team.


Before first meeting with architect  is necessary to have an idea what is your intention and what is a scope of work do you expect. Whether you look for advice or certain appearance of your investment plan, which leads to preliminary plan or you want to get your house designed from a scratch to a realization. All these requirements will reflect a price for a design. It is very useful in advance to determine a content , a scope and a function included in the design. Moreover we would like to know what kind of a lifestyle you live, your priorities, what spaces you need and how do you imagine they should be related. Our goal is to avoid complications and dissatisfaction, thats why we consider communication between architect  and client as a key of success of your project.  
  • price for a design makes only a part of whole price of a building
  • Phase of construction fundamentally decides respond to appearance quality and efficiency of building
  • Individual stages of project should be underrated or speeded up because all additional modifications during construction are most expensive solutions
  • It is not enought to have a good projects if supervising during the construction is neglected

Key points of a mutual agreement between investor and architect :

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  • Agree on the price for a project and schedule of individual payments
  • Determine the content and extend of work
  • Decide on a deadlines for individual phases of work
  • Divide a work and decide who is responsible for which part
  • specify who will work on a task associated with  engineering part
  • plan a schedule of meetings, where architect will inform you about process and you can exchange your lead the debate

Collaboration with NED ATELIÉR

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    • The most important thing from the very beginning of the project is individual approach to each client, because each of us have different ideas and requirements
    • Our personal and careful approach consider technical details from the scratch and guarantee prevention of complications and unpleasant surprises
    • Years of experience allows us significantly speed up the process of getting a building permit as we know what can be expected from Building Authority Association and how to prevent their comments alternatively correct them fast and effectively if the case occurs
    • Studios rely on building experts focused in different fields after many collaborations we bring design from paper to realization together effectively
    • Collaborations with us does not finish with printing of the last plan. We offer you supervision on the construction site which guarantee bringing every detail to perfection e.g. precise laying of floor and tiles, fitting till the window to make sure that your project is successfully realised
    • While you collaborate with NED ATELIÉR you do not need to read between the lines, you do not need to expect unexpected expenses which suddenly appear. With us you know what are you going to get and for how much without extra paragraphs written in lowercase.
    NEDATELIER offers you complex package of services, personal approach with inventive solutions for affordable price
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