Family House Project GAV

House GAV is a variation of the house REP. With size of 150,0 m2 and five bedrooms /most of them with wardrobe/ project meets the most difficult needs. House has spacious living room and incorporates garage, which generate whole mass composition and do not exclude the original clients purpose. A shape is dynamicly connected to object and creates a parking area. Object is designed in bright colours that give it lightness.

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Bungalow Project BIEL

Bungalow BIEL is not a typical modern project. The site is orientated to the north, on a slope and its width is 8 metres. These are reasons why looking for the best solution was tought, but worth it. Was…

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Price list

Price for family house project

Low-energy family house                      max. size 100m2 

Preliminary plan                                                                   2200 €
Project for a building permit                                              3200 €
Utility conections                                                                    550 €

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family house project

What actually is family house project and what should it contain?
Family house project presents technical documentation made by architect, engineer or designer eligible for designing a building. Main core…

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